Why, ‘Trump stinks’, ‘Trump smells’ trending on ‘X’?

Trump stinks

Trump stinks :
After former Republican member Adam Kinzinger mentioning about Donald Trump’s body odour, #TrumpSmells and #TrumpStinks , Trump stinks has started to trend on social media platform X.

It all started on December 16 when the 45-year-old posting on X urged his followers to “wear a mask” while they are around the former president.

“I’m genuinely surprised how people close to Trump haven’t talked about the odour,” he said.

“It’s truly something to behold. Wear a mask if you can,” he added.

He, however, never described how Trump smelled.

The incident drew a sharp retort with Trump’s spokesperson issuing a statement calling Kinzinger an “unemployed fraud” who has “disgraced his country.”

The spokesperson may have been alluding to an incident that took place in 2019, when a fart-like noise was heard during Adam Kinzinger’s interview with Republican Eric Swalwell. The episode went viral instantly, and it was labelled “Fartgate.”

Meanwhile, the post garnered attention and triggered a meme fest on social media, with many mocking how bad Trump’s body odour could have been.

#Trump stinks trending on X

Days later, hashtags #TrumpSmells and #TrumpStinks soon started flooding social media, with one user sharing a series of photos showing people near Donald Trump who are seemingly in discomfort due to a nasty smell.

Comedian Kathy Griffin also jumped in on the issue during an interview with Trump’s niece and writer Mary Trump, describing the former president scent as “like body odour with a kind of scented makeup product”.

As one user wrote, “I can’t believe we didn’t see it before. Everyone tried to warn us that #TrumpSmells,” as they shared a video of the Japanese Prime Minister shaking hands with Donald Trump.

Whereas another user accused Trump of sitting like he is “on the toilet.”

“Given what we’ve been hearing about #trumpFunk lately…maybe, just maybe, Donald Trump always sits like he’s on a toilet is because he’s always literally s—ing in his pants. #trumpSmells,” they wrote along with a series of photos.


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