Kim Taehyung : Interesting Facts About ‘BTS’ V’

Kim Taehyung

Happy Birthday KIM TAEHYUNG : BTS’ V aka Kim Taehyung, a multi-talented artist known for his roles as a singer, dancer, rapper, songwriter, actor, and art enthusiast, made his debut as a member of BTS on July 13, 2013. Notably, he stands out as one of the fastest K-pop soloists to amass 14 million followers on Spotify, achieved through his remarkable contributions to three K-drama soundtracks – ‘Sweet Night’, ‘It’s Definitely You’, and ‘Christmas Tree’ – outside of his group endeavors. Despite his current military enlistment, ARMYs (BTS fans) took to social media to shower V with love, making his day special and celebrating the big day of the K-pop star.

As we celebrate Kpop idol’s birthday, here are some interesting facts about Kim Taehyung that every ARMY should know:


BTS V or Prince Daegu

Born on December 30, 1995, in the city of Daegu, South Korea, V holds a special place in the hearts of fans and locals alike, who endearingly refer to him as the Daegu Prince. As a Capricorn, V aligns with the Year of the Pig in the Chinese zodiac, a classification that attributes qualities such as being easygoing, honest, trusting, educated, sincere, and brave according to the tenets of Chinese astrology. These characteristics contribute to the multifaceted persona of V, adding to his charm and appeal.

BTS’ V for Victory

Kim Taehyung has revealed that prior to his debut, he contemplated several stage names such as Lex and Six. However, after careful consideration, the singer ultimately settled on V. This choice holds significance as it symbolizes victory for the group, reflecting a pivotal and triumphant element in their journey.


BTS’ V is a Saxophonist

Certainly! Were you aware that V initially harbored dreams of becoming a professional saxophonist? The multi-talented artist dedicated three years of his middle school days to playing the saxophone. However, as time unfolded, he discovered his deepest passion lay in singing, leading him to shift his focus towards pursuing a career in the vocal realm.

BTS’ V is Guinness World Record Holder

Guinness World Records noted that V set a record by reaching 1 million Instagram followers in just 43 minutes. Impressively, he soared to 10 million followers in only four hours and 52 minutes. As a Cartier brand ambassador, V also achieved another feat: the fastest time to reach 10 million Instagram followers.

BTS’ V is a Video Game lover

V enjoys hosting live gaming sessions with ARMY, and he’s a major fan of the multiplayer first-person shooter game Overwatch. He and Jungkook often spend hours playing Overwatch, sometimes going to bed in the early mornings. Additionally, V has been seen playing games like League of Legends, Fall Guys, and Goose Goose Duck on various occasions.

‘I Purple You’ By BTS’ V

The popular phrase ‘I purple you,’ widely embraced by both BTS and their devoted fanbase, ARMY, was originally introduced by V in November 2016. The inception of this heartfelt expression took place during BTS’ 3rd Muster fan meeting when V conveyed the sentiment. Explaining the significance, he noted that purple represents the final color of the rainbow and symbolizes a profound commitment to trust and love enduringly. In essence, ‘I purple you’ encapsulates a sentiment of enduring trust and love, as articulated by V during this memorable fan interaction.

BTS’ V Loves Jazz

Kim Taehyung is considered the “most serious connoisseur of music” in the group, according to South China Morning Post. He has a special love for classic jazz, with Bing Crosby and Louis Armstrong being among his favorite musicians in this genre.

ARMYs Celebrate Kim Taehyung’s Birthday

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