G-Dragon launches anti-drug foundation


K-pop sensation G-Dragon has emerged from a recent drug controversy with a profound gesture that’s reshaping his legacy. After being cleared of drug allegations, the iconic artist not only returned to the limelight but initiated a bold venture aimed at making a positive impact. G-Dragon has launched an anti-drug foundation through his new agency, Galaxy Corporation, accompanied by a significant donation.


Once a prominent figure at YG Entertainment, G-Dragon’s music has left an indelible mark in the world of K-pop. Now, he’s leveraging his journey to inspire hope and transformation. His substantial contribution and the establishment of an anti-drug foundation signify a proactive stance, aiming to turn a contentious chapter into a catalyst for constructive change.

What G-Dragon’s statement ?

According to Galaxy Entertainment via Nate News, the foundation’s objective aligns with his mission to create a society devoid of prejudice, leveraging his music as a tool for positive impact. Their inaugural project will focus on eradicating drug abuse and supporting the rehabilitation of addicted youth
Confirming the donation, He emphasized, “The first donation will be based on the name of VIP (BIGBANG’s fandom name), and I will make a full donation under the name of the Guardians of Daisy, which I voluntarily created through this incident.”

Galaxy Entertainment clarified that the charitable initiative is named JUSPEACE, derived from “justice” and “peace.” G-Dragon’s donation, amounting to KRW 300 million (approximately $231,000), signifies his commitment to this cause.

This announcement follows G-Dragon’s exoneration from a drug investigation earlier in the year. Law enforcement authorities concluded that the allegations lacked substantial evidence, absolving him of any wrongdoing.

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