Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin was diagnosed with prostate cancer

Defense Secretary

The Pentagon has released more information concerning the health of Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin. After being diagnosed with prostate cancer in December, Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin, 70, underwent a “minimally invasive” surgery, which led to his hospitalization. According to Austin’s doctors, he underwent surgery on Dec. 22; a week later, he reported severe pain in his abdomen, hip, and leg.

Unbeknown to anyone in the White House or his own staff, Defense Secretary Austin was taken to the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center on Jan. 1 and treated for a urinary tract infection. National Security Council spokesman John Kirby said on Tuesday, Jan. 9, even the president was kept in the dark about the diagnosis.

“Nobody at the White House knew that Defense Secretary Austin had prostate cancer until this morning,” Kirby said. “And the president was informed immediately after.”

Defense Secretary

what Doctors said about Defense Secretary?

Doctors said that Defense Secretary Austin’s cancer was detected early, and the prognosis was excellent. Still, questions about transparency within the Defense Department persist, as up until Tuesday, Jan. 9, it was believed that Austin underwent an elective medical procedure, not prostate surgery. It is still not clear how or if the cancer diagnosis will affect Austin’s work.

House Republicans have launched a formal inquiry into where and why communication collapsed, viewing the incident evidence of dereliction of duty.

“With wars in Ukraine and Israel, the idea that the White House and even your own Deputy did not understand the nature of your condition is patently unacceptable,” Rep. Mike Rogers, R-Ala., said in a letter to Austin.

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