Leavenworth, Washington During Christmas

Leavenworth, Christmas

Leavenworth is a small village in central Washington State. While it boasts a small population (less than 3,000 residents), it has had a significant amount of visitors as of late. In fact, the town’s recent remodel sparked an increased flow of tourism, especially during the holidays. Around the 1960’s, Leavenworth was revitalized and reimagined as a Bavarian town. Since then, the town’s tourism has skyrocketed and it has become a sought-after destination for Christmas celebrations. The Cascade Mountains are nestled around the town and provide an abundance of recreational activities, including biking and snow sports like skiing. Leavenworth has year-round attractions since its natural environment is so beautiful, but it is at its most captivating during the holiday season. In the winter months, there are many events unique to the area and Christmastime. Travelers looking for a yuletide getaway during the holidays will find that Leavenworth is an underrated destination with plenty to do.

Things To Do in Leavenworth

Leavenworth is very exciting town during the holiday season. Check out these festive events and activities.
pictured: the buildings of Leavenworth all lit up with Christmas lights and decor
During the holiday season, Leavenworth is like an idyllic Christmas town. It is known to look similar to the north pole or the set of a jolly Christmas movie so it is a popular destination. But, since it is a breathtaking sight to see, there can be crowds. Travelers should be sure to book their activities in advance and arrive early to events to ensure safe passage.

This festive display is a long standing tradition. Everyday from thanksgiving until the last day of February visitors can witness the spectacular lights. There are over half a million lights that brighten up the night sky and lead the way around Leavenworth attractions. Since the Cascade Mountains are nearby and serve as a picture perfect background, visitors will be able to capture beautiful holiday photos.

Leavenworth, Christmas

This Christmas market is an annual event that attracts plenty of visitors. The Bavarian themed event occurs during Thanksgiving weekend, so it is a great way to start off the holiday season. There is an array of traditional Bavarian foods and crafts available at the market, which visitors can enjoy at their leisure. Leavenworth has many festive events and pretty decor throughout the Christmas season.

Live Performances
The Sugarplums, a singing group that performs exciting renditions of both classic and modern Christmas jams, are a very popular performance to see in Leavenworth during Christmas time. Travelers who love music will enjoy the live performances that the group has throughout December under the gazebo. Leavenworth has more musical groups, like the Leavenworth Village Voices. In partnership with the duo BOSAYA, the community choir puts on a Christmas concert each year. This indoor event incurs a small fee and is held at the Snowy Owl Theater.

Leavenworth Adventure Park
The park is a great activity for families and groups. This popular destination in Leavenworth is home to some of the most exciting snow sports. The park turns into a winter wonderland every year and has an alpine coaster that most travelers can not wait to ride (unless they have a fear of heights). Travelers can even take home a souvenir, their twister action photo, to document their thrilling journey. Visitors can even attend meet santa events on saturday during the month of December.

How To Get to Leavenworth
To get to Downtown Leavenworth travelers should fly to Pangborn Memorial Airport. This airport is the closest to the small town, with a 45 minute drive (around 30 miles to commute) to get to it. Seattle locals or adventurous travelers may be able to drive to the homey village if they are comfortable. It is around two hours away from Seattle via car. The train is another convenient option, which visitors can board from Seattle (or their particular departure point) so that they can enjoy the scenic mountainous views during their three hour ride.

How To Get Around
The Link bus is the most popular public transportation for visitors of Leavenworth. It runs from Leavenworth parks to town every day of the week. The community shuttle is convenient and runs its route from the morning to late in the afternoon. The shuttle bus even runs for free, so travelers can save money on transportation around town unless they venture to out of route locations. In this case, travelers should book rides via rideshare apps.

Make Your Holidays Special
If you’re looking for a destination to make your holiday season even more dazzling, look no further than Leavenworth, Washington during Christmas time. With much to do and a palpable holiday spirit in the air, it can reignite the sense magic during the season of splendor.

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